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Nina’s Paris


Crafted each year from handpicked fruits and roses, from the King Kitchen Garden of Versailles,the oldest Kitchen garden in the world has been blossoming since 1678 as the emblem of the King Sun Louis XIV`s appreciation of nature, and the genesis of French luxury culture envisioned by Queen Marie Antoinette. 


Versailles 1672

elaborated for Kings

Founded in 1672 in Paris by Pierre Diaz, “La Distillerie Frères” was the first perfume to distill lavender and rose essences to embellish the gloves of the time.

Soon after, he became known as the “magician of aroma”, and became the official perfume supplier to the court of Versailles for King Louis XIV.

Her rose essence was subsequently particularly appreciated by Queen Marie-Antoinette, who oversaw the purchase of the product herself.


A rare authenticity

and Royale

Today, the original orders and invoices of Her Majesty the Queen are kept and exhibited at the Nina’s Vendôme boutique museum in Paris.

The manufacture bears the name of the founder’s great-granddaughter, and still perpetuates the unique heritage of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s Royal Rose.